DPH Engineering is your trading partner for your industrial needs. We specialize in providing high quality Material Handling Solutions to customers looking for solutions which lasts


Who Are We

DPH Engineering is a firm specializing in providing high quality Material Handling products all over India. We are authorized distributors for world famous brands who are leaders in their own fields. We take pride in marketing these brands as our principals believe in providing ultimate customer satisfaction which we at DPH implement by providing the best service & support along with our high quality products.


What we do

We are a marketing firm and a small solution provider promoting our international brands all over India. We provide solutions to industries ranging from Food to Power and Paper to Cement related to Material Handling.


Why we do

We do this successfully because we believe 100% in the products we sell. As we continue to grow and add more high quality products to our range a simple belief of providing the best customer service is giving us the goodwill in the market of being one of the finest in the industry.

The Brief

DPH Engineering was established in 2008 and since then we have specialized into a one stop shop for all your material handling needs.  We represent top companies from all over the world producing world class products.  DPH Engineering believes in being a solution provider and we prefer to work closely with our customers to give them a right solution to their problems.  Some of the companies we represent are Syntron Material Handling, USA (formerly known as FMC Technologies, USA); Ingersoll Rand, USA; Dust Solutions Incorporated, USA; OMB Vibrating Motors, Italy; Tecnidea Cidue, Italy. As we continue to grow into these markets we believe in giving credit to our customers who share and believe in the same values with which we do our business.

Our Values

  • Integrity Honesty & Strong Ethics
  • Strive towards achieving the highest level of competence
  • Willingness to take on big challenges and see them through
  • Passion for customers
  • partners and technology
  • Show pride in our brand and heritage
  • Aggressively promote & protect our reputation
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