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In the later nineteenth century, Olin J. Garlock devised a better way to seal piston rods in industrial steam engines; this ingenuity led to the creation of Garlock Sealing Technologies. Founded in 1887, in Palmyra, New York, Garlock has become a leader in the fluid sealing industry and a cornerstone of the EnPro Industries family.

Products Designed to Last

Every Garlock product is specifically designed, constructed and tested to ensure a longer operating life, leading to lower cost, higher safety and real bottom-line savings consistent with Life Cycle Costing programs


Garlock application and product engineers have designed countless sealing solutions throughout the world, and provide on-site surveys, product recommendations and training.  Globally, Garlock proudly serves processing industries including:

Chemical Processing Pulp & Paper Mining Marine
Power Generation Electronics Water/Wastewater Original Equipments Manufacturers
Primary Metals Food and Pharmaceuticals Oil & Gas Engineering & Construction

Product Range

Gaskets & Sheets Compression Packings Metallic Gaskets Expansion Joints Hydraulic Components
Klozure Oil Seals Klozure Bearing Isolaters Klozure Mechanical Seals PDiaphragms Cefil’Air Inflatable Seal
  • Gar seal butterfly valves

  • Mobile seal butterfly valves

  • Graphite Packing

  • Flexseal spiral wound gaskets

  • Chevron v-ring packing

  • Specialty Seals

  • Downhole sucker rod pump seals

  • Custom molded products

  • Pressure balanced metal expansion joints

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