Light-Duty Vibrating Feeders

Flexibility is the key characteristic of Syntron® Light-Duty Electromagnetic Industrial Feeders. Whether the ingredients are hot or cold, fine or coarse, damp or dry, heavy or light, these versatile vibratory feeders can handle them easily and efficiently.

Typical Light-Duty Vibratory Feeder applications and industries serviced:

All models can be supplied in accordance with FDA or USDA specifications for use in the food, drug and cosmetic industries.

Applications: Industries Serviced:
  • Feeding
  • Packaging
  • Batching
  • Screening
  • Grinding
  • Mixing
  • Flaking
  • Freezing
  • Drying
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Metals and Minerals
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Consumer Products
  • Banks and Newspapers
  • Power Generation
  • Pollution Control
  • Marine
  • Aggregate

The nine standard vibratory feeder models operate with maximum capacities ranging from 1,250 pounds to 20 tons per hour, based upon material weighing 100 pounds per cubic foot. High stroke feeders are available for difficult to handle materials.

The electromagnetic design and rugged construction of these vibratory feeders offer unparalleled durability and reliability. There are no mechanical parts such as gears, cams, eccentrics or bearings, which require lubrication and eventually wear out. Vibratory drive units are encased in housings ranging from dust-resistant to waterproof. Downtime and maintenance are extremely rare, even when the vibratory feeders operate under difficult or abusive environmental conditions.

Feeder control is simple. With standard local controls the material flow can be easily adjusted by turning a potentiometer. A number of automatic and special control arrangements are also available to meet specific material handling requirements.

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