Air Dry

Refrigerated Air Dryers

lean and dry compressed air is important in applications where moisture or
contamination can cause system corrosion, damage to pneumatic tools or
degradation of products or processes that come in contact with compressed air.
When you choose , you have selected air dryer rated highly for
its performance.

Evolution™ refrigerated air dryer offers multiple
design features to ensure consistent dew point at
all load levels and delivers continuous dry air that
satisfies ISO 8573 industry standards.

• High performance 3-in-1 corrosion resistant heat exchanger

• Anti-freezing / energy savings mode for efficient functioning
of dryer

• Low pressure drop design

• Variable speed fan for stable dew point control (upto ND280-IN)

• Full feature controls permits precise control in varying conditions

• Remote connectivity / alarm / display / alarm history

• Self diagnostic software, anticipates possible faults option

• Control panel operated drain valve

• Environment friendly refrigerant

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