OMB has always focused in designing and manufacturing of electric and pneumatic vibrators for industrial use, having innovation, quality and customers service as our guidelines.

Following these principles in 2012 we have celebrated our first 40 years activity anniversary, being OMB now among the worldwide leaders in our field, with our products, proudly “Made in Italy”, present in all main Countries in the five Continents.

In order to keep the pace of the increasing global competition, we never stopped investing in developing new products and continuously improving our production organization, introducing at our headquarters site in Formigine state of the art machining centers and quality control equipment.

And in line with our philosophy to keep the entire manufacturing cycle under our control, in 2007 we have acquired and incorporated into our organization the Company that since many years back used to manufacture electric windings for OMB.

All the Company activity is carried on according to the norm ISO 9001:2008, and since 2003 our Quality System is certified by the prestigious international body Bureau Veritas. Thus, we have prepared ourselves to grant our customers’ satisfaction also in the future.

Our Research & Development Department is equipped with vibrating benches and electromagnetic brakes: this makes sure that all our new products, before being ready for the official presentation in the market, are submitted to a series of tests to verify they are suitable to be used in the heaviest working conditions.
The guarantee of the quality of the products that are despatched to the customers is resulting from the final safety and dynamic test of our vibrating motors, complete with eccentric weights, that we carry on specific vibrating stations, where a special computerized equipment checks and registers all the parameters recorded on the product.


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