Heavy Industry Weight-Belts

Thayer Scale’s Models “M”, “MH”, “MDH”, “MD”, and “MDL” Weigh Belts are custom designed and built to meet the special requirements of heavy industry. First designed in 1964 for steel mill service to feed flux materials (limestone, mill scale, dolomite, iron ore pellets, fluorspar and coke), the Model “M” Series Weigh Belt has been subjected to the extremes of heavy duty industrial use; abrasive lumps, dust, corrosive fumes, wide temperature fluctuations, and vibration without any detrimental effects on accuracy, reliability and operation. Thayer Scale Model “M-LD” Weigh Belts are the standard for high volume, low density weighing such as wood fiber, rock wool, tobacco, foam rubber, as well as natural and synthetic textile fibers.

THAYER Heavy Duty Weigh Belts provide:

  • Long term accuracy and reliability with low cost of ownership.
  • Load transducers are located external to material flow channel.
  • Weigh Bridge is insensitive to the accumulation of weight that accompanies tare build-up.
  • Provides exceptional immunity to periodic overloads of uncertain magnitude that accompany particle jamming in the weighing region of the belt.
  • Easily accommodates legs, and dust removal/scavenger systems.
  • Accommodates a wide range of length and incline variation without significant changes in configuration.
  • Individual carrying idlers can be repaired /replaced while the belt is in a fully loaded condition, without the need to remove skirt boards and/or de-tension the belt.
  • Can be easily and economically adapted to support future capacity needs.
  • No other weigh belt design can provide an accuracy of ‘1/4% over the wide application range THAYER heavy industry weigh belts serve. From wood fiber at 1.0-3.0 lb/ft3 to nickel shot at 150.0 lb/ft3. THAYER heavy industry weigh belts are truly “Built to Survive” providing long term accuracy and reliability.


Originally designed for steel mill service, Thayer Scale’s Weigh Belt Model “MDH” design benefits put it into a class by itself. The Model “MDH offers an extremely robust design with an intense commitment to quality and attention to detail. With over 60 years of weigh belt experience THAYER produces a weigh belt that is highly accurate, rugged and dependable. THAYER feeders are built to endure the rigors of high capacity feeding and heavy density materials ranging in particle sizes from fines to 6″ lumps. The bottom line of using a THAYER Model “MDH” in your process translates into reduced operating downtime, lower overall cost and quick return on your investment.


Thayer Scale’s Model “M-LD” Low Density Feeder line has been specifically designed for weighing bulk materials having densities under 10 lb/ft3. These feeders find applications in tobacco, forest products (OSB & MDF), textiles, cereals and snacks (chips and flakes) Without question, Thayer Scale has more experience than any other manufacturer in weighing these low density materials. With an outstanding performance record in over 1,000 installations, the THAYER Model “M-LD” Low Density Weigh Belt Feeder represents the standard to which all others are compared. Many of these feeders have been in operation for more than 30 years with the only modifications being instrumentation upgrades to better suit the interconnection needs of modern-day automation schemes, or re-rating of either the load or speed sensing range to accommodate line capacity changes.


Thayer Scale’s Models “MD” and “MDL” Weigh Belts are widely recognized mainline industrial continuous weigh belt feeders. They can be used with an open loop system to gravimetrically totalize and measure the flow of material, or with closed loop control as a feeder and regulate the flow to a constant or varying set point.

The Model “MDL” bridges the gap between standard low capacity and high capacity-weigh feeders. Some materials are too abrasive for standard low capacity feeders, lump sizes can be too large or flow rates slightly exceed specified limits, resulting in low accuracy and constant maintenance problems. These applications often cannot be reliably handled by larger, high capacity weigh feeders because the relatively low flow rates fall below specified limits. (For example: feeding 1.5″ lumps of coal @ 2.0 STPH). The Model “MDL” is as ruggedly built as our higher capacity weigh feeders, to withstand abrasive materials, but is designed to operate at flow rates just beyond the limits of our light industry, low capacity feeders. The Model “MD” is an extremely rugged weigh feeder that was originally designed for the harsh environment of the cement industry but can be used in a wide variety of applications. The Model “MD” is the ideal weigh feeder for medium to high feed rates of high bulk density materials across a broad range of particle sizes. The Model “MD” can be subjected to extreme environmental conditions such as abrasive dusts, corrosive fumes, wide temperature fluctuations and vibrations without any detrimental effects on performance or accuracy.

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